Scalable solutions

Scalability means to us that anything should be be prepared for a change in size and use, as well as be modified to handle other purposes and jobs. An example of scalability is to build a website so that it can be easily modified to be able to read a variety of languages, databases and scripts are designed so that they are capable of handling increases in visitors / users x 10 …. x 100 … x 1000 … It should be possible to upscale operations, export database to another system, cloud computing in multiple server farms, having the ability to go from small business to global. Since it is a job that requires experience, excellence and creative thinking, the price level will be in the upper scale. But if the need is there, it is well worth the money.

Cost for creating scalable solutions:
Standard fee: 1200 – 1800 SEK/hr + VAT

Contact us and we’ll give you suggestions on how to put scalability into your sites and applications at an appropriate price level.
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